Activities and Results of the Rope Vibration Analysis Working Group in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

Keisuke Minagawa and Satoshi Fujita

Wednesday 20th September 2023

Resonance of wire ropes or cables in a lift due to earthquakes and strong winds is a critical event for the safe operation of the lift, because if the ropes catch equipment in a shaft by the resonance, the passengers will be trapped and it will take a long time to rescue them. To prevent damage caused by rope vibration or resonance, it is important to estimate the vibration of ropes by simulation analysis in advance. However, the simulation method of rope vibration is complicated because it consists of various eigenmodes, the tension is not constant due to its own weight, and it is influenced by various factors, resulting in nonlinear vibration. Therefore, the Panel of Elevator Safety and Reassurance of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) established the Rope Vibration Simulation Working Group. The working group studied simulation methods for rope vibration. This paper reports on the activities and results of the working group.

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