Technology Redefining the Future of Elevator Installation Methods for High Rise Buildings

Philip Hofer, Urs Püntener and Miguel Castro

Wednesday 20th September 2023

The installation of lift guiding systems is fundamental to the ride quality felt in the car. This paper will look at typical elevator installation methods and the technological journey of elevator installation in the construction business. Traditionally elevators were installed by fitters using scaffolds to access the hoistway, aligning the guide rails and adjusting the distance between them. The process was often quite challenging for the installation teams as safety was the main concern, along with the physical strain of working in a harsh environment. The process then progressed further to Scaffold-less installation methods with temporary suspended platforms, which offered improved safety standards according to the guidelines defined in EN 1808 & GB T 19155. At the same time climb elevators were developed as the building industry required elevators to be installed and operational whilst the buildings were progressing in the construction phase. Today new technology has allowed robots to become mobile, leaving the factories for robotic installation systems for lifts on construction sites. The repetitive tasks and harsh environments that challenged humans can now be done with the high quality and precision of robots.

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