14th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies Proceedings

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Wednesday 20th September 2023

CONTENTS 1. Temperature phase plan map and Poincare section for escalators Ali Albadri 2. Enhancing the inter-linked Monte Carlo simulation method (iL-MCS) to reflect random passenger inter-arrivals. Lutfi Al-Sharif 3. Condition-based and predictive maintenance strategy for lift installations using big data analytics Jimmy K K Chan, Calvin K.F.Leung, Wayne T.H. Wong, Scotty C.H. Kwok, Henry W. Y. Wong 4. Change of the dynamic elongation in steel wire rope traction systems over the lifetime, influencing factors and mitigation measures Michael Eibel, Erich Spirgi 5. Connected lifts. Value for maintenance Julio Gil 6. Classification and recognition of roller bearing damage in lift installations using supervised machine learning and vibration analysis Mateusz Gizicki, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Rory Smith 7. Utilization of VoIP in lift emergency communications –a case study Jason Godwin 8. Smart buildings: IoT-enhanced traffic analysis embedded in lift sensors Michele Guidotti 9. Technology redefining the future of elevator installation methods for high rise buildings Philip Hofer, Urs PüntenerMiguel Castro 10. Discussion on express zone and destination control for up peak traffic Takahiro Ishikawa, Shingo Kobori, Yasuhiro Yokoi, Kenji Taniyama, Naohiko Suzuki 11. On the mechanical interactions in suspension rope – sheave/pulley systems Stefan Kaczmarczyk 12. Vertical transportation design deliverance to iconic buildings Jagadish Kumar Vimmadisetti 13. Activities and results of the rope vibration working group in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Keisuke Minagawa, Satoshi Fujita 14. Study on the concept of using lifts and escalators in evacuation routes using fragility assessment (Damage Analysis and Pedestrian Simulation) Ryusei Nakajima, Osamu Furuya 15. The global dispatcher Richard Peters 16. The need for standardised metrics and KPI’s for AI performance Rory Smith 17. Market feedback and additional guidance on ISO 8100-32 Janne Sorsa, Richard Peters, Arthur Hsu 18. Design, manufacture, and installation of the Great Glass Elevator, lift 109 at Battersea Power Station Kevin Vinson 19. Exploiting the capacity of industrial hydraulic buffers Stefan Vöth

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