5th Symposium of Lift & Escalator Technologies

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Wednesday 16th September 2015

CONTENTS 1. Extracting the Value of the Round Trip Time under Up Peak Traffic Conditions from Simulation Lutfi Al-Sharif, Ghazi Al Sukkar, Mahmoud Mansour, Mohammad Gharbieh, Esraa Farraj, Rawan Jarrah, Rasha Milekh, Noor Zaben 2. Optimum Design of Traction Electrical Machines in Lift Installations Xabier Arrasate, Alex McCloskey, Xabier Hernández, Ander Telleria 3. Experimental Studies on Guide Rail Fastening System Suhan Atay, Ozlem Salman, Cevat Erdem Imrak. 4. The Trouble with Mobility Scooters Michael Bottomley. 5. Impact of Design Methods and Maintenance Policies on the Dynamic Behaviour of Escalators Helene Buet, David Courteille. 6. Boat lifts in the UK David Cooper. 7. How to Approach Lift Doors Modernization and Refurbishment Projects Giuseppe De Francesco, Tommaso Sala 8. Key Dynamic Parameters that Influence Ride Quality of Passenger Transportation Systems Thomas Ehrl, Rory Smith, Stefan Kaczmarczyk 9. Lifts Without Ropes: How Many Shafts and Cars Are Needed? Stefan Gerstenmeyer, Richard Peters. 10. Selling Lifts in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century Lee E. Gray 11. Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project as an Example of Best Practices for Innovation in the UK Lift Industry R Kwiatkowski, S Kaczmarczyk, N Mellor, H Su, C Salter, L Mulhern. 12. ptimisation of the Running Speed of Escalators on the London Underground Ben Langham 13. Modelling and Computer Simulation of Aerodynamic Interactions in High-Rise Lift Systems S. Mirhadizadeh, S. Kaczmarczyk, N. Tongue, H. Al-Jelawy, P. Feldhusen, W Delk, K. Anderson, F. Dudde 14. Methodology to Identify Noise and Vibrations Problems for Ride Quality Improvements Raúl Monge, Alfredo Gómez 15. Floor Warden Control – a New Concept for Evacuation Lifts Wim Offerhaus, Ashiqur Rahman 16. Challenges of Low-Voltage Energy Storage for Lifts E. Oyarbide, L.A. Jiménez, P. Molina, R. Gálvez, C. Bernal. 17. Improving the Energy Efficiency of Lifts Vicente Pacheco, Pilar Molina-Gaudo, Luis Jimenez, Estanis Oyarbide IMEM LIFTS, Spain. 2 18. A Systematic Methodology for the Generation of Lift Passengers under a Poisson Batch Arrival Process Richard Peters, Lutfi Al-Sharif, Ahmad T. Hammoudeh, Eslam Alniemi, Ahmad Salman 19. Escalator Accidents Analysis Elena González Ruibal, Isabel González Mieres, Ignasi Oliver González, David Cooper, José Durán Batalla 20. Service Life of Steel Wire Suspension Ropes Patrick Ryan, 21. The Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Lift & Escalator Industry Rory Smith. 22. Optic Technology for the Entrapment Issues of Side of Step, Comb Plate and Lift Doors Stephen Williams, Johan Sevenants.

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