6th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Wednesday 21st September 2016

CONTENTS 1. A Study into the Influence of the Car Geometry on the Aerodynamic Transient Effects Arising in a High Rise Lift Installation Hayder Al-Jelawy, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Seyed Mirhadizadeh, Dhirgham AlKhafaji 2. Towards a Systematic Methodology for the Design of Elevator Traffic Systems in High Rise Office Buildings Lutfi Al-Sharif, Ghazi Al Sukkar, Asma' Hakouz, Nama' A. Al-Shamayleh 3. Lifts in Health: Health Technical Memorandum 08-02 Revisited Gina Barney 4. Integration of Lift Systems into the Internet of Things and the Need for an Open Standard Information Model Jonathan Beebe 5. Your Lift Journey – How Long Will You Wait? Caroline Bird, Richard Peters, Elizabeth Evans, Stefan Gerstenmeyer 6. Evaluating a Holistic Energy Benchmarking Parameter of Lift Systems by using Computer Simulation Ricky Chan, Albert So, Stefan Kaczmarczyk 7. The Report of Thorough Examination as a Management Tool for Maintenance Dominic Dawson 8. Multicar Dispatching Stefan Gerstenmeyer, Richard Peters 9. The 1935 Code of Practice for the Installation of Lifts and Escalators Lee E. Gray 10. London Underground Escalator Passenger Safety Strategy Improving Passenger Safety on Escalators Phil Harley, Kevin Seaborne 11. Pilot for Standing on Both Sides of Escalators Celia Harrison, Neera Kukadia, Paul Stoneman, Grant Dyer 12. An Overview of India, Travelling Tall Anandi Khandekar 13. How Current Technology Trends are Empowering Us All to Drive Innovation Ben Langham 14. Changed Requirements In The International Lift Market Ask For New Pulley Types With Better Tension Equalization Features Jawk Meijer, Lothar Sieber 15. Modelling of a Rope-Free Passenger Transportation System for Active Cabin Vibration Damping Jonas Missler, Thomas Ehrl, Benedikt Meier, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Oliver Sawodny 16. Dynamic Lift Control for Improvements in Energy Efficiency Vicente Pacheco 17. Fire Lifts, Escalators & Moving Walks Management System (FEMS) in an Airport Giovanni Pappalardo 18. Global Dispatcher Interface Richard Peters 19. Map-Based Active Compensation of Lateral Vibrations in Elevators Raúl Monge, Javier Saumell and José Manuel Rodríguez 20. The Role of Economic Factors in Traffic Planning and Selection of Lift Equipment Rory S. Smith 21. Exploring the Concept of Using Lifts to Assist the Evacuation of Very Tall Buildings Peter Sumner 22. Understanding the Requirements of the New EN-81 Standards with Respect to Speed Monitoring, Speed Reducing and Prevention or Stop Devices Sam Tanno 23. Installing and Calibrating Loop Amplifiers to EN81-70 so that Test Certificates can be Produced for Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS) in Accordance with BS EN 60118-4 John Trett

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