7th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Wednesday 20th September 2017

CONTENTS 1. The Passenger Transfer Efficiency Coefficient (PTEC) for Double Deck Elevators under Incoming Traffic Conditions Lutfi Al-Sharif, Enas AlOsta, Noor Abualhomos, Yazan Suhweil 2. My Story of Lift Traffic Analysis, Design and Control 1960 – 2020 Gina Barney 3. Transporting Dangerous Substances in Lifts Michael Bottomley 4. A History of the Lift Safety Gear David A. Cooper 5. Improvement of the Learning Environment at an International Multicultural Company through the Assessment of Relevant Methodology and Technology Goals Thomas Ehrl, Jonathan Adams, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Benedikt Meier 6. A Fundamental Study Concerning the Correct Performance of Elevator Buffers Osamu Fueuya, Naoki Fujiwara, Satoshi Fujita 7. Departure Delays in Lift Systems Stefan Gerstenmeyer, Richard Peters, Rory Smith 8. MMLS: The Future of Vertical Transportation for Tall Buildings Adrian Godwin 9. Analysis of New Lift Typology with Visual Stimulation of Passengers Aleksey A. Gorilovsky, Dmitry A. Gorilovsky 10. Lift Traffic Analysis 1890-1960 Lee E. Gray 11. Lift Modernisation Challenges Roger Howkins 12. A Study on Seismic Response Analysis in Consideration of Non-linear Restoring Force Characteristics of Escalator Truss Structure Asami Ishii and Satoshi Fujita 13. Lift Guide Rail – Counterweight/Car - Suspension Systems under Seismic Excitations: the Dynamic Behaviour and Protection Measures Stefan Kaczmarczyk 14. EN 81:20/50 as a Key Driver for Technological Innovation in the Next Generation of Lifts Dennis Major 15. Health Monitoring System for Wire Rope Using Image Processing Keisuke Minagawa, Satoshi Fujita 16. Control of Actuators for Cabin Vibration Damping of a Rope-Free Passenger Transportation System Jonas Missler, Thomas Ehrl, Benedikt Meier, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Oliver Sawodny 17. Why PESSRAL Is Not PESS Tijmen Molema 18. Some Thoughts on Rope Life Julia Munday 19. Creating Passengers in Batches for Simulation Richard Peters, Sam Dean 20. Energy Saving through the Application of Variable Speed Technology Stephane Reau, Darren Vandermeulen, Jeremy Landraud, Martine Duchampt 21. In-Car Noise Computation for a High-Rise Lift Gabriela Roivainen, Jaakko Kalliomaki, Antti Lehtinen, Jukka Tanttari 22. Lift Planning and Selection Graphs Mirko Ruokokoski and Marja-Liisa Siikonen 23. Our Accessible World & The New Part 70 Adam J Scott 24. An Analysis of Airflow Effects in Lift Systems Nishant Singh, S. Kaczmarczyk, Thomas Ehrl 25. Understanding EN 81-77: 2013 & prEN 81-77: 2017 Lifts Subject to Seismic Conditions Rory S. Smith 26. Exotic Flowers Blooming in the Dark Women in the Lift Industry in Europe Undine Stricker-Berghoff 27. Fundamental Study on Rope Damage Reduction Using Intermediate Transfer Floor of High Rise Buildings Hiroya Tanaka, Asami Ishii, Satoshi Fujita, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Yoichi Ogawa. 28. Lift Energy Efficiency Standards and Motor Efficiency Benjamin Watson

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