8th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Tuesday 15th May 2018

CONTENTS 1. Coupled Vibration of Rope-guided Hoisting System under Multiple Constraint Conditions Lu Yan, Guohua Cao, Ke Wang 2. Dual Rated Speeds Escalator in Rapid Transit System with Extended Ramping up and Down KC Gan, LF Cai, SC Cheah, Hadi Wijaya, Melvyn Thong 3. Dynamic Behavior of Traction System with Tension at the Pulley of Compensating Rope Wang Lei and Cao Guohua 4. Experiment Method of Tribology Performance of Braking Material for High Speed Elevator Yinge Li, Xi Shi, Simo Makimallila 5. Experimental Investigation of Friction and Slip at the Traction Interface of Rope and Sheave Xiaolong Ma, Xi Shi 6. History of the Safety Gear David Cooper 7. Intelligent Manufacturing Research Based on Sheet Metal Modularization of Elevator Niu Shuguang, Leng Shan, Niu Lin Lin 8. Lift Planning for High-Rise Buildings Richard Peters 9. Longitudinal Coupled Vibration of Parallel Hoisting System with Tension Balance Devices Guohua Cao, Lu Yan, Lei Wang and Ke Wang 10. People Flow Analysis in Lift Modernization Marja-Liisa Siikonen, Janne Sorsa 11. Regulating Lift and Escalator Safety in Hong Kong Eric Pang, KC Cheungm, Alex Lai, Mr Graham Lui 12. Robots, a New Class of Passenger Rory Smith 13. Stress Analysis of Machine Supporting Beam System for Large Tonnage Lift Xiaomei Jiang, Lanzhong Guo 14. Systems Engineering Approach: Postgraduate Programme Bridging the Gap Between the Theory and Industrial Practice in Lift (Elevator) Engineering Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Rory Smith, Nick Mellor 15. The Dynamic Interactions in High-Rise Vertical Transportation Systems Stefan Kaczmarczyk 16. The Study of Hoisting System for Vertical Shaft Construction without the Protection of Guided-cable Naige Wang, Guohua Cao, Lu Yan

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