The Technical Challenges Involved in Lifting 40 Tonne Trucks Using Rigid Chain Technology in a Confined Space

Philip Pearson

Wednesday 21st September 2022

This paper will describe the technical challenges involved in installing two 40 Tonne truck lifts in a theatre whilst utilising rigid chain technology (RCT) in a confined space. RCT is based on single interlinking chains comprised of single links. These links lock together when the chain is deployed, creating a rigid propelling column which when designed for the lift industry, means it is possible to design a lift which can transfer loads of up to several hundred tonnes. It will explain how the project was procured from a consultancy perspective after the basic design of the building and lift shaft had been finalised, and on how reviewing the truck lift information, it became apparent that the design was incomplete and appeared impractical. Areas examined include the applicable standards, anticipated loads to be lifted and evaluation of the various options for the truck lift design. It will include the results of the research that was undertaken whilst exploring the technology, energy efficiency, safety of the lifting systems and comparison sites where similar operational requirements had been used resulting in the decision to recommend RCT technology. Illustrations of the challenges that were overcome during the design and installation process are included.

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