Elevator Software Development Process Using Feature-Orientated Analysis & Modelling

B W Choi, K B Jang, C H Kim, K C Kang, S J Roh and C W Kim

Thursday 1st October 1998

Elevator systems are very complicated, hard real-time systems that have various functions and features. It makes difficult to develop new models especially on requirements change. In order to make our elevator development faster, easier and more reliable, a new software development process focussed on software reuse is introduced. This process has been applied from the early phase of the software lifecycle in addition to conventional software engineering techniques. It is called Feature-Oriented Reuse Method (FORM). Using FORM, we could describe those complicated elevator systems in more understandable form, utilize reusability of requirement specifications and easily adopt new requirements. In this paper, we describe the elevator feature model based on FORM, and also briefly introduce design and implementation process and tools.

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