New Motor Drive and Speed Control Techniques for Super-High-Speed Elevators

Eiki Watanabe, Narihiro Terazono, Shigehiko Suzuki, Shigemi Iwata and Toru Tanahashi

Friday 1st May 1992

The age of super-high-speed elevators controlled by VVVF-Inverters has arrived. We, at Mitsubishi Electric Corp., have supplied VVVF controlled elevators to a new building belonging to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in the spring of 1991, which travel at the speed of 540m/min. We are still continuing the development of VVVF controlled elevators, for even higher travelling speeds, which will be supplied to the LANDMARK TOWER Bldg. in Yokohama which is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 1993. We are aiming to achieve a speed of at least 700m/min., and the overall view of our studies of the development are described hereafter in this paper.

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