New Ways to Approach EMC in Lift Industry. Case of ITER1 Project

José Carlos Feria Moreno

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Over the years, designs have been developed considering the requirements of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for lifts, following the EN 12015 & EN 12016 standards, to achieve and increase quality and reliability. To achieve this, EMC requirements are considered from the first steps of the design, other requirements are established when testing in a laboratory and, then, collaborations have been carried out with partners to achieve the EMC compliance of the complete electrical installation. A new challenge in EMC currently being worked on is designing lifts for a singular installation: the ITER project. This facility requires special actions to meet such unique requirements as the project is, especially in terms of magnetic fields. The project involves not only a challenge for designing, but also for the companies who cooperate in tests and simulations as they must manufacture ad hoc instrumentation, thus innovating in the process to perform the tests.

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