Investigations on Safety Measures for Lifts and Escalators; Outcomes from the Researches Funded by the Building Standard Development Promotion Program, Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) (Loading Tests for Full-scale Model to Confirm the Critical Strength of Existing Escalator Truss During Severe Earthquakes)

Satoshi Fujita and Motoo Shimoaki

Wednesday 19th September 2018

For the existing escalators, the fall-off phenomenon on the side where the support interval widens during earthquake can be dealt with by lengthening the supporting margins. However, because the problem on the compression side is difficult to deal with, experimental and analytical studies were carried out to clarify the elasto-plastic restoring force characteristics of the escalatortruss structures and to refine and improve the seismic design guidelines and the Japanese building standard law, and its enforcement order. Series of experimental tests were carried out by using actuator/jack-testing apparatus of Tokyo Denki University. This project was supported by the building standard development promotion program conducted by the Japanese ministry of land, infrastructure and transport (MLIT) in order to improve and maintain the Japanese building standard law, and its enforcement order by applying non-government organizations such as research institutes, private enterprises and universities.

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