The Study of Hoisting System for Vertical Shaft Construction Without the Protection of Guided-cable

Naige Wang, Guohua Cao and Lu Yan

Tuesday 15th May 2018

The sinking bucket, known as the hoisting conveyance of the system, is used to transport the waste pile, water, miners and sinking equipment. In the case of a construction shaft when the sinking bucket is lowered downward from the sinking platform to the bottom of a well and it needs to pass through the sinking platform, the bucket is segregated from a guided carriage and it descends or rises without the protection of the guided-cable. This adverse condition is a common phenomenon in the mines vertical shaft. The hoisting rope is a steel wire rope with a low damping, so it is easy to cause oscillating resonance. This study is concerned with the theoretical modeling and simulation verification of the oscillating resonance of the sinking bucket and hoisting cable. A large transient amplitude and steady-state oscillation of the payload may often occur which may result in emergency scenarios. It will threaten the safety of the miners' lives and delay the process of construction of vertical shaft. Thus, the research on the dynamic characteristics of the sinking bucket without the protection of guided-cable is necessary.

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