Coupled Vibration of Rope-guided Hoisting System Under Multiple Constraint Conditions

Lu Yan, Guohua Cao and Ke Wang

Tuesday 15th May 2018

In addition to being used as hoisting ropes, wire ropes are also used as guiding rails to provide guidance for hoisting conveyances in many Chinese hoisting systems of hundred meters or even a kilometer mine shaft and outdoor long-travel lifting systems. The vibratory response in this rope-guided hoisting system differs from flexible rails and gradually attracts researchers’ attention. Therefore, modeling of coupled vibration of time-varying hoisting systems with four rope guides is presented by energy method in this paper and the system vibration equation is established with Lagrange multiplier method under multiple constraint conditions. Lateral and torsional coupling vibrations are analyzed under hoisting rope eccentricity, tension and density differences between rope guides. These characteristics provide guidelines for the design of double conveyances hoisting systems to prevent conveyances colliding and lay a foundation for future research.

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