A Systematic Methodology for the Generation of Lift Passengers under a Poisson Batch Arrival Process

Richard Peters, Lutfi Al-Sharif, Ahmad T. Hammoudeh, Eslam Alniemi and Ahmad Salman

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

It is generally accepted that passenger arrivals for lift service follow a Poisson arrival process. Moreover, recent research has also shown that the arrivals take place in batches rather than single passenger arrivals. For these reasons, lift traffic simulation software may use the Poisson batch arrival process to generate the time of each batch arrivals and the size of each batch (i.e., the number of passengers arriving in each batch). This provides a better representation of real life conditions and produces a more realistic simulation. Alternative models for generating passengers for lift traffic simulation packages are considered. A methodology for generating batch arrival times and the size of each batch is presented.

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