Discussion on Destination Control System for Up-Peak Traffic with Non-Uniform Distribution of Passenger’s Destination

Takahiro Ishikawa, Shingo Kobori, Yasuhiro Yokoi, Kenji Taniyama and and Naohiko Suzuki

Wednesday 20th September 2023

Various policies are used by lift group control systems to provide good services to passengers on the main floor during up-peak traffic. One of those is the so-called destination control system, in which the destination floors covered by each car are dynamically decided based on the destination information entered by passengers at a lift hall. The destination control system is expected to improve round trip time and handling capacity. The degree of improvement depends on the distribution of passengers’ destinations because the distribution affects sectoring which is the division of the building floors into groups of floors. In lift traffic design, designers usually evaluate the destination control system on only the uniform distribution. This paper shows the up-peak equations for the destination control system for non-uniform distribution. In the numerical experiments, the probability distribution is expressed as the cumulative distribution function of the truncated normal distribution with mean μ and standard deviation σ. Numerical results show that one method of sectoring is effective for uniform distributions but less effective for non-uniform distributions, and we discuss the implications of these result.

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