Connected lifts. Value for Maintenance

Julio Gil

Wednesday 20th September 2023

In the current era of communications, computing, data processing capacity and the Internet of Things, the industry in general and industrial equipment maintenance services are forced to change their operating processes to adopt and take advantage of this technology. All this represents a greater revolution than the one caused by the steam engine in the 19th century. This revolution represents a huge technological leap whose use necessarily involves reinventing business processes and services. In the elevation sector, there are different issues to solve: 1. Sensors: a combination between standard sensors (independent or not from lift working) and information from each controller. 2. Solving the way this information is captured within the lift, to be transmitted outside and the way to receive information to be “ordered” to the lift. 3. Communication level: specially focused on security (to avoid non-controlled traffic of information). 4. Platform to receive/analyse/send information to the lift. 5. Added value/services around the platform. Nowadays, these are different technologies with few technological companies having the technical capacity for all of them, so the real technical value comes from the integration of all of them. The different ways of technical integration have an impact on the business model built around them and the type of services provided to the different stakeholders. From a technical point of view, the most important challenge has been the integration of all these levels that compose IoT for lifts and the capacity to act over different types of lifts. An ecosystem was created with all these technical elements, with different technologies and partners to add value to this ecosystem.

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