Change of the Dynamic Elongation in Steel Wire Rope Traction Systems over the Lifespan, Influencing Factors and Mitigation Measures

Michael Eibel & Erich Spirgi

Wednesday 20th September 2023

Essential characteristics of a Steel Wire Rope (SWR) Tractions System are the minimal breaking force, the permanent and dynamic elongation and the number of bending cycles projected prior to reaching the discard criteria. This paper focuses on the change in the dynamic elongation of a SWR Traction System (SWRTS) over its lifespan. It identifies, explains, and describes the impact of influencing factors. Since the cause of the change with the factors are identified, also corresponding mitigation measures are explained. Understanding and applying the mitigation measures is critical to ensure that the SWRTS can stay longer within the range of the required performance, extend its lifespan, lead to longer replacement intervals, and reduce therefore the overall operating costs of lifts

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