Temperature Phase Plan Map and Poincare Section for Escalators

Ali Albadri

Wednesday 20th September 2023

Our interest in finding a tool that can be used to understand and record the behaviour of electro-mechanical machines is continuing in this study. We have chosen escalators in our studies because their natural electrical and systematic designs are based on systematic cyclic and periodic behaviour. Escalator nature of operation has given us an excellent platform to determine how regular or irregular or chaotic the behaviour of an escalator is, especially when some sort of malfunction develops in it. We used two tools to achieve our objectives [1-6], the fractal dimension concept and the phase plan map as well as the Poincare section. In this study, we will concentrate our efforts on the behaviour of the gearbox which drives the escalator. The parameter which will be looked at is the temperature of the gearbox. Temperatures were measured from different locations in the gearbox. The phase plan maps and Poincare sections of various traces from various temperature sensors have been plotted, and they have presented some interesting and useful patterns. The plots can be used as reference maps for the normal and abnormal operating conditions of an escalator.

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