3rd Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Wednesday 18th September 2013

CONTENTS 1. Converting the User Requirements into an Elevator Traffic Design: The HARint Space Lutfi Al-Sharif, Osama F. Abdel Aal, Mohammad A. Abuzayyad, Ahmad M. Abu Alqumsan. 2. Simplified Energy Calculations for Lifts Based on ISO/DSO 25745-2 Gina Barney, Ana-Maria Lorente. 3. Passenger Flow Pattern Learning Based on Trip Counting in Elevator Systems Combined with Real-Time Information Rosa Basagoiti, Maite Beamurgia, Richard Peters, Stefan Kaczmarczyk. 4. Common Misconceptions Regarding Elevator Traffic Simulations Theresa M. Christy. 5. UK’s First Urban Cable Car: A Project Review of The Emirates Airline David Cooper. 6. Modelling and Simulation of a High-Rise Elevator System to Predict the Dynamic Interactions Between its Components Rafael Sánchez Crespo, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Phil Picton, Huijuan Su, Markus Jetter. 7. Lift Design for Modern Office Buildings: What is the Market Looking For? Len Halsey 9. The Revision of EN81-1 and EN81-2 to Become EN81-20 and EN81-50 Ian Jones 10. Vibration Problems in Lift and Escalator Systems: Analysis Techniques and Mitigation Strategies Stefan Kaczmarczyk 11. Derivation of an Elevator Round Trip Time Formula Under Up-Peak Traffic for the Case of Four Special Conditions Rasha Khaleel, Lutfi Al-Sharif, Mazuz Salahat. 12. Non-Linear Energy Accumulation Buffers Nick Mellor. 13. Modelling and Simulation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Elevator Systems Seyed Mirhadizadeh, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, 14. Application of Linear Motor Technology for Variable Speed Passenger Transportation Systems Alberto Pello, Isabel G. Mieres, Jose Mendiolagoitia, Jose Ojeda, Javier Sesma, Benedikt Meier 15. The Application of Simulation to Traffic Design and Dispatcher Testing Richard Peters. 16. Traffic Patterns in Hotels and Residential Buildings Marja-Liisa Siikonen 17. Cabin Ventilation, Code Requirements and Experimental Results Rory Smith 18. A Review of Waiting Time, Journey Time and Quality of Service Rory Smith, Stefan Gerstenmeyer.

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