9th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies Proceedings

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk & Dr Richard Peters

Wednesday 19th September 2018

CONTENTS 1. A Retrofit Solution for Remote Lift Monitoring Ben Langham, Vergil Yotov 2. A Systematic Methodology for Analysing Zoning Options for a Building Using Dynamic Programming Mirko Ruokokoski, Janne Sorsa, Marja-Liisa Siikonen 3. Boosting Traffic Handling Capacity in the A♦DAM Tower Jochem Wit 4. Determining the Number of Simulations Required for Statistically Valid Results Maria Abbi, Richard Peters 5. Escalator Weightless Weight Testing: A Case Study from a UK Metro Lutfi Al-Sharif 6. Expert Systems for Lift Traffic Design Richard Peters, Sam Dean 7. Goods Lifts. Who Needs Them? Len Halsey 8. How Many Breakdowns Are Acceptable? David A. Cooper 9. Investigations on Safety Measures for Lifts and Escalators; Outcomes from the Researches Funded by the Building Standard Development Promotion Program, Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) Satoshi Fujita, Motoo Shimoaki 10. Lift Engineering Design Challenges from the Postgraduate Programme Perspective Nick Mellor, Stefan Kaczmarczyk and Rory Smith 11. Lift Traffic Analysis for a Proposed Inner-City Development: A Comparison of the Lift Control Algorithms Considered Barry K Vanderhoven 12. Lifting Elevators into the Cloud – Permanent Detection of Wear Using Intelligent Sensors Tim Ebeling 13. New Ways to Approach EMC in Lift Industry. Case of ITER Project José Carlos Feria Moreno 14. Report on Seismic Damages of Lifts and Escalators by Large Earthquakes in Japan Satoshi Fujita, Motoo Shimoaki, Keisuke Minagawa 15. Robots, Non-human Passengers Rory Smith 16. Study on Compressive Deformation of Escalator Truss During Earthquakes Considering Large Deformation Ryoto Matsuzaki, Satoshi Fujita, Asami Ishii 17. Study on Seismic Response of Escalator in Consideration of Interaction with Building During Large Earthquakes Kimiaki Kono, Satoshi Fujita and Asami Ishii 18. Study on the Proper Performance of Lift Buffers in Revised JIS A 4306 Using Non-linear Damping Characteristic Osamu Furuya, Ryoto Matsuzaki and Satoshi Fujita 19. The Effectiveness of Remote Lift Monitoring with Regards to Lift Reliability Charles Salter 20. The Evolution of Lift Traffic Design from Human to Expert System Gina Barney, Richard Peters 21. The Optimization of a Learning and Training Portfolio at a Multi-national Lift Manufacturer Thomas Ehrl, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Jonathan Adams, Benedikt Meier1 22. The Space Elevator Concept and Dynamics Bryan E. Laubscher 23. Traffic Analysis for a Multi Car Lift System Used as Local Group Stefan Gerstenmeyer 24. Transient Dynamic Computation for Mega-High Rise Lifts Gabriela Roivainen, Jaakko Kalliomaki, Mirko Ruokokoski, Jarkko Saloranta, Vishnu Sreenath 25. Using the Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate the Round-Trip Time Under Destination Group Control Lutfi Al-Sharif, Richard Peters

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