EN81: Part 1 Safety Code Handbook and Appendices 1986

A. Leenders

Wednesday 1st January 1986

The document includes: Forward., Justification of the code and history, National options, interpretation committee, Purpose and arrangement of the Handbook, Selection of a typical lift. Code references include: 1. General Introduction, Concept of safety, safety factors, basic assumptions. 2. Definitions 4.2 Symbols (additional symbols) 5. Lift well 6. Machine and pulley room. 7. Landing doors. 8. Car and counterweight. 9.1 Suspension. 9.6 Compensation. 9.8 Safety gear. 9.9 Overspeed governors. 10.1 Guide Rails. 10.3 Buffers. 10.5 Final limit switches. 11. Clearance 12. Machines and brakes. 13. Electric installations and appliances. 14 Protection against electric faults - controls. 15. Notices and operating instructions. 16.Examination, tests, register and servicing.

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