Dynamic Simulations for Lift Door Health Diagnosis

Matti Lin and Gabriela Roivainen

Wednesday 21st September 2022

System level simulations enables new possibilities to perform fault analysis of lift door systems to recognize root causes and malfunction indicators linked to the most critical failures. The simulation method utilized for the approach is object-oriented modelling where elements from all areas of engineering are connected to each other as building blocks. Elements such as controller, belt transmission and door mechanics are interconnected forming a complex system representing physical lift door systems. The approach provides explicit outputs of each included element of simulated systems in time domain. In this paper, the outputs of door drive system are described in more detail, including motor encoder data and torque output. Multiple malfunction simulations have been computed and validated with data acquired from physical counterparts of the simulated lift door system. The validation results have proved the credibility of simulations and demonstrated new opportunities to utilize the simulations for developing fault diagnostics.

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