Component Based Modular Elevator

Kasinadh Karra

Wednesday 21st September 2022

This paper addresses a “Component-based Modular Elevator” (CBME) design. The idea is to have readily available components (mechanical, electrical & electronic) of an elevator ideally in a local warehouse, that are totally modular in nature, easily configurable to build one entire elevator system. This method facilitates easy procurement, deployment, and installation of the elevator without a need of placing an order with the manufacturing plants (OEM)/ logistics centers. The elevator industry supply chain includes all the processes involved in ordering, producing, shipping, and other logistics delivering to the construction sites. The local selling companies do not have manufacturing plants but import the materials from their principal factories' world over (mainly from China & Europe). Modular design is a method of breaking down a system into smaller sections/modules that can be constructed individually and then combined to form a larger system. From less customization and design flexibility, modularity also has advantages, such as augmentation (modernization). The design aims to combine the benefits of standardization (low manufacturing costs) and customization. Traditionally built elevators still need to be manufactured as per specifications, even if they are standard models. Whereas, from a segmented modular elevator design, different models of elevators could be built up using segments that can add up to have different capacity elevators using prefabricated elevator modular mechanical & electrical components. The concept of modular elevator design was always present, but not at the component level. The advantage we can gain from such a design is that the parts can be pre-ordered (or 3D printed), stocked, and these can be assembled at the job site to suit the specification. A methodology proposing CBME essentially takes a specific modular design of major components of an elevator application as an example to show the development of a fully modular elevator.

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