The PayLift Concept

Lennart Svensson-Hilford and Lutz Richter

Monday 1st May 2000

The PayLift concept is based on the fundamental idea that we don't sell elevators but rather charge only for the actual transportation performed. This means users pay according to the user-pays-principle, i.e. only for individual transportation similar to all other means of transportation such as train, airplane or taxi. At present, the investment costs of an elevator facility are off set over the rent and the operating maintenance costs off set up to 80% over the monthly incidental expenses. The basis for allocation is the floor space of the office or apartment. There is no present provision for allocating costs based on individual use such as electricity, water or heating. The PayLift concept also provides for individual travel desires - such as single travel, door opening times, type of music, information, etc. - that can be selected by the passengers themselves using a information terminal.

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