The Elevator Monitoring System with JAVA

Kenji Sasaki, Sandor Markson and Seiji Yasuda

Monday 1st May 2000

Conventionally, the EMS (Elevator Monitoring System) have been built with a completely closed local network structure. In recent years, networks with the TCP/IP protocol became very common for general purposes, spreading rapidly since they were used for the Internet, and thus also becoming very inexpensive. Recognizing this trend, FUJITEC has developed a TCP/IP network-based EMS using the Java language (developed by Sun Microsystems) in combination with WWW Servers. We have proved that the EMS on this LAN (Local Area Network) is more flexible and more extensible than the traditional solutions. We believe that TCP/IP and WWW with JAVA will become more and more advantageous for an EMS as LANs spread in the building.

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