The Advantage of PMSM Elevator Technology in High Rise Buildings

Johannes de Jong and Harri Hakala

Monday 1st May 2000

In 1995 KONE introduced PMSM technology in the low rise volume market with its revolutionary MonoSpace. The small EcoDisc machine allowed the complete elimination of the machine room, as it fitted in the hoistway. Gearless EcoDisc technology reduces the energy consumption by some 50 to 60% compared to conventional geared and hydraulic installations. The next stage was the introduction of EcoDisc PMSM elevator technology in medium and high rise buildings. In the gearless high speed range, the EcoDisc technology, reduces the energy consumption by no less than 30 to 40%, while reducing the machine weight by approximately 50% in comparison to already very efficient asynchronous VVVF gearless technology. The smaller energy losses and the smaller electrical requirements also provide considerable savings in machine room cooling, emergency power generators and the machine room riser sizers. PMSM motor technology with its excellent controllability will also provide enhanced ride comfort.

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