Performance Measurement of Vertical Transportation Equipment

Michael V. Farinola

Monday 1st May 2000

The author is Michael V. Farinola President of M V Farinola, Inc. an elevator systems consulting firm from Wilmington, Delaware USA. The presentation will include discussion on U.S. Industry standards (NEII and ASME) as well as consultant and owner (end user) expectations on performance. The paper will include the most recent Methodology presently employed by consultants and most major manufacturers to measure lift performance. The methodology discussion will include a brief description of hardware utilized to collect data, including Tri-axis data logger. Tachometer, Traffic study computerized tools (simulated performance) and data collection forms for on site use (to calculate actual performance). Some discussion of Generally Accepted Performance Criteria (Parameters) for specific lift components will be presented as well. These criteria will include a short review of such areas as Velocity, Jerk, Acceleration, Door Performance, Transfer time, Handling Capacity, Intervals, Round trip times, Probable Stops, Waiting times and Mean time between equipment shut downs.

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