New Partial Modernization for D.C. Gear-Less High-Speed Elevators

T. Tanahashi, M. Kawamura, S. Okuda and M. Fukuta

Monday 1st May 2000

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a new drive-control system for partial modernization of D.C. gear-less high-speed elevators. The new drive-control system with the following characteristics consists of the chopper circuit and its technology is based on the technology of the inverter circuit which has been widely applied for the high-speed elevators. Characteristics: • Reduced harmonic current in comparison with the Thyristor Leonard system • Reduced energy consumption of 40% in comparison with the Ward Leonard system • Superior performances (ride comfort, landing accuracy etc.) as our latest elevators • Many optional features are available Current applicable D.C. gear-less high-speed elevators are those with speeds of 120~240m/min and capacities below 1,600kg, and they are going to be widely applied. This article introduces a new drive-control system with a chopper circuit.

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