A Computer-Aided Design for the Specification and Performance Evaluation of Elevator Systems

Y.C. Cho, J.H. Park, H.C. Chang, Zavarin Gagov, W.H. Kwon, C.S. Kim, P.H. Han and J.H. Seo

Monday 1st May 2000

This paper presents a computer-aided design tool (ESES-Tool) which helps system designer to decide the specification of elevator systems and predict system performances given building environment and objectives. Owing to various possible combinations of building conditions such as group divisions, available service floors and car dynamics, the searching space is inherently huge, which makes it difficult to decide appropriate (or optimal) specification of the elevator system. A genetic algorithm is employed to find near-optimal elevator specifications and to reduce the searching time. The fast simulation with event-driven techniques tests the searching result. Also, system performances such as mean, max, variance of HRT (hall call response time) and passengers' service time are also analyzed under several system options at the simulation stage of ESES-tool.

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