New Gear-Less Traction Machine for High-Speed Elevators

H Araki, T Tanahashi, K Iiboshi and M Kawaguchi

Thursday 1st October 1998

Elevators require the miniaturization of the traction machine with less torque pulsation in order to ensure a smooth and quiet ride and to improve the layout of machine room. Mitsubishi has developed a new type of gear-less traction machine for high-speed and super high-speed elevators with the application of permanent magnet motor technology for which we researched for a long time. This is the first time to use permanent magnet motor for elevator. The following is an outline of the main technical points. 1. Torque pulsation reduction, miniaturization and high efficiency or permanent magnet motor. 2. Detection of magnetic pole position and high accuracy in control of permanent magnet motor. 3. Miniaturization of traction machine by using permanent magnet motor and double-disk brakes.

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