Development of the Elevator for Medium-Low Rise Housing

K Okada, T Honda and H Kuraoka

Thursday 1st October 1998

For the purpose of encouraging the low-level end of the elevator market and assisting the aged and the physically handicapped in going up and down the stairs, the design guidelines for residential elevators (for middle-low rise housing) were made public by the Ministry of Construction in March ’96. Mitsubishi Electric started the development of such and elevator. This elevator, known as the ‘MELWIDE’, was the first in the marketplace in March ’97. Through adopting the side fork type and using a platform without vibration rubbers, miniaturization and the lightening of equipment were achieved. However, due to these improvements, the car will exhibit increased vibration and frame deflection. In this thesis, the specification and structure of the ‘MELWIDE’ elevator, the vibration control technology, and the rigidity analysis technology are described.

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