The Slopelift – A New Fast Inclined Elevator System, Induces No Horizontal Forces on Its Passengers

M P Weiss

Thursday 1st October 1998

The acceleration and deceleration of inclined elevators, are known to induce horizontal forces on its passengers, which are very unpleasant, and cause them to feel unstable. To reduce the ill feeling, the horizontal acceleration is kept low and the elevators are slow and inefficient. To overcome this problem, a new fast inclined elevator system has been developed, where a unique dynamic mechanism brings the horizontal acceleration on the passengers to zero g theoretically, and as low as 0.00g till 0.005g practically. Such horizontal acceleration is not felt by the passengers, and they do not feel that their movement is inclined. The acceleration along the track is kept high, and therefore the system is as fast and efficient as regular vertical elevator. A laboratory model that has been built, is described and its measurement results discussed. The dynamic model of the system is demonstrated and the equations of motion are introduced.

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