A Cost-Effective Remote Monitoring and Communication System

W L Chan, Albert T P So and S K Liu

Thursday 1st October 1998

Remote monitoring of elevators is one of the most important features of elevator systems. The issue was addressed in CIBSE Guide D 1993 and it will be discussed in detail again in the coming revision of Guide D 1998/99. The benefits of elevator monitoring are obvious but there is a danger of collecting so much data that it cannot be assessed and therefore will not be acted upon. Furthermore, the new standards and guidelines for remote monitoring very much rely on the availability of advanced microprocessor-based elevator controllers. A cost-effective system was developed, which can be applied to both new and existing installations, even the relay-logic type of controllers. Besides the monitoring of fundamental parameters and status, the system allows verbal communication between the emergency centre and the trapped passengers without the need to modify or replace the existing intercommunication system. The most distinctive feature of the system is the low cost of production.

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