Control Technique of Cage Vibration in Super-High-Speed Elevator (Analysis and Results of Simulation Tests Using Actual Machine)

Nobuhiko Teshima, Kosei Kamimura, Masaaki Hirai, Yukihiko Kazao and Masao Nagai

Wednesday 30th April 1997

In order to improve passenger comfort in super-high-speed elevators, we investigated reduction of horizontal vibration transmitted to the cage from bands in the guide rails. First, we added a dead weight AMD (Active Mass Damper) to an elevator cage and roller guide system as a vibration model to investigate the effect on this type of vibration. We used LQ control (Linear Quadratic control), and established optimal control rules. We confirmed this vibration reduction in a model with 4 degrees of freedom by developing a device to simulate actual cage vibration, and carried out experiments that verified our results.

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