Single Parameter Elevator Comfort Evaluation

J M Aldaia, I Aranburu and J M Pagalday

Tuesday 1st October 1996

Designing, manufacturing and installing comfortable elevators is not straightforward. Recently, major lift companies’ efforts to improve comfort on their installations have increased considerably, following a parallel path to travel speed and tougher user demands. One of the problems when trying to improve elevator comfort is its assessment, there are two main obstacles in considering comfort as a single parameter. Firstly, comfort is obviously a subjective feeling and therefore can hardly be measured by technical means. Secondly, discomfort is brought along by different sources, making the task of reducing it to a single parameter especially difficult. Due to these difficulties, defining elevator comfort as a single parameter remains an unsolvable problem. This report describes how ORONA approached the problem, taking into account the effect of multiple vibration sources on the lift according to international standards. Correlating the measures to a broad range of existing installations accounts for the subjective nature of the problem.

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