Simulating Elevator Travel: A Mechatronic Approach

J M Aldaia, I Aranburu and J M Pagalday

Tuesday 1st October 1996

In this report an approach for modelling elevator installations is presented. Models contain components ranging from electrical motors and their control, reducers, traction sheaves, suspension cables, car frames and cabins to counterweights and compensation cables. The simulation of resulting models offers characteristic magnitudes of working systems such as vertical displacements, velocities and accelerations in cabins or any other variable like torques, forces, reactions, angular velocities, etc… at any point of the system. Models have proved to be very useful in training technicians, predicting the influence of different modifications over the system and studying the vertical movement comfort. The report includes a real application on a controlled electrical lift installation of ORONA where experimental measurements have been successfully correlated with simulated ones.

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