The Object-Oriented Database Technology for the Elevator Monitoring System

Kye-Young Lim and Jae-Yong Lee

Tuesday 1st October 1996

Elevator owners increasingly prefer elevators having improved performance and safe operation. This has stimulated the development of elevator monitoring systems. The elevator monitoring systems need various application programs and a lot of information necessarily. The elevator monitoring systems need the database to monitor numerous elevators simultaneously. Since the object-oriented database system has many advantages on managing and maintaining the data structure, we have adopted the object-oriented database for elevator monitoring system. The objectives of this paper are to show the restrictions and the possible problems when using a model of the relational database system for the elevator monitoring system, to show how a model of the relational database system can be extended to a model of the object-oriented database system in order to overcome the restrictions, and to show advantages and future plans when applying the object-oriented database technology to the elevator monitoring system.

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