Escalator Side of Step Entrapments

David Cooper

Tuesday 1st October 1996

The IAEE Elevcon ’90 workshop on escalator safety convened by Bernard James drew attention to entrapment accidents (of all types) on escalators. Despite six years having passed and the awareness of the problem having become more prominent in the public eye, action to remedy the problem of the side of step entrapment has not received the attention by owners and operators of both new escalators and older types as perhaps it deserves. Passenger entrapments between the steps of an escalator and the balustrade skirting have been an issue which has been with us for some time. The recent introduction of the new version of EN115 does not call for any devices to minimise the risk. It is considered by the author of this paper that this is a mistake and overlooking such devices will inevitably lead to further injuries. The author will look at the problem giving details of how it arises, the consequences, the exposure, case histories, papers by professionals from within the industry and also medical professionals.

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