New Method for Reducing Vertical Vibration in Long-Stroke Elevators

K Miyoshi, K Okuna and J Sugahara

Wednesday 1st March 1995

Reduction of vertical vibration is essential to maintain good riding comfort in high-speed and long-stroke elevator systems, which are utilized in skyscrapers. We propose a new method to accomplish this purpose in this paper. A numerical analysis model, in which the main rope if the elevator is divided into five parts, is used in our analysis. The vibration mode analysis indicated that the main vibration sources, which deteriorate riding comfort, are the compensating pulley and the sheave. We proposed a new method, which is extremely effective, to reduce this vibration. The result of the numerical analysis showed that the proposed method, which is the optimization of vibration mode using the double compensation pulleys and divided counterweights, is extremely effective for good riding comfort

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