Modern Double Deck Elevator Applications and Theory

James W Fortune

Wednesday 1st March 1995

Since their introduction in the 1930’s, Double Deck Elevators have been applied in over 30 buildings throughout the world. The majority of the projects have been ‘pure double deck applications’ where all of the local lifts are double deck units. Some very high rise office towers utilize double deck elevators for sky lobby shuttles that then feed tenants and visitors to the single deck, local lifts. With the advent of new microprocessor based, Artificial Intelligence equipped dispatch controls, double deck elevator applications are enjoying a renaissance, particularly in Asia, where very dense building populations, relatively small floor plates, and high land costs make them a logical choice. This paper will explore the reasons for applying double deck elevators in new high rise office buildings and then review the design theory and dispatching algorithms that make these units attractive. A definition of elevator design terms, with particular emphasis on double deck applications and a listing of the world’s current double deck installations will be included in the paper appendix.

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