Marketing Strategy of Lifts and Escalators in the Far East

H S Kuok

Wednesday 1st March 1995

The pace of demand for lifts and escalators in commercial and residential buildings in Asia is extremely high, especially in countries with a high population, such as China. In general, cheap labour and low rents for factories, mean low production costs. These are available in Asia. This leads to migration of manufacturing production lines from the highly developed countries in the West to Far East Asia. Because the lift and escalator manufacturing industry is very labour intensive, it is logistically suitable for the huge labour supply in Asia. Obviously, the rapid growth of business in these areas is predictable. An outline of the development and analysis of the market demand in Far East Asia, together with the time varying situations will be introduced in this paper, and focus will be put on the China market. In addition, positive forecasting of the future development in Far East countries, that are contrary to the declining economic situations in western countries, will be discussed.

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