Safety Devices for 750m/Min. (12.5m/Sec.) Elevators

K Sugita, Y Sugiyama, E Watanabe and H Kamaike

Monday 1st November 1993

We, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., have developed the safety devices which absorb the increased kinetic energy and stop the elevators without fail in an emergency. Needless to say, the development of the safety devices is of prime importance to assure the safety of the world’s fastest passenger elevators which travel at speeds of 750m/min. For the development of highly advanced safety devices, we used computers to simulate the characteristics of the safety devices, such as the temperature rising characteristics of the safety gear shoes, and conducted several tests such as the test of ‘duration of devices against impact’ and ‘braking performance’ in free-fall conditions. We also simulated the movements of the devices used in the elevator system upon the activation of the safety devices in order to confirm the safety of the elevator system.

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