Drive Control Equipment for 750m/Min. (12.5m/Sec.) Elevators

Eiki Watanbe, Hiroshi Kamaike, Toru Tanahashi and Hiroshi Araki

Monday 1st November 1993

A variety of advanced technologies were applied to the world’s fasted passenger elevators travelling at speeds of 750m/min., which were delivered to the LANDMARK TOWER Bldg. in Yokohama (opened in July, 1993.) The devices, newly developed for the elevators, include: 1) highly advanced ‘VVVF inverter drive control units’ and the traction machines driven by the units, 2) safety devices, such as safety gears and oil buffers, 3) roller guides to control cars’ horizontal vibration and 4) special car structure to reduce aerodynamic noise which occurs when the car moves. The details of the technologies and the products’ performance regarding 1), 3) and 4) are introduced hereafter in this paper.

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