Using the Inter-Linked Monte Carlo Simulation Method (iL-MCS) to Calculate the Value of the Elevator Round Trip Time to Reflect the Random Nature of Passenger Destinations

Lutfi Al-Sharif, Noor Toghoj and Ammar Hakam

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

The Monte Carlo Simulation method (MCS) has been successfully used to find the value of the elevator round trip time under general traffic conditions. It has also been extended to find the value of the round-trip time under destination group control. This paper extends the application of the method by introducing the so-called “interlinked Monte Carlo Simulation” method (iL-MCS). In the conventional MCS method, the trials are not linked, and each trial is completely independent of the other trials. The new suggested method (iL-MCS) links the trials such that the end conditions of one trial affect the initial conditions of the following trial. This “interlinking” allows the method to reflect the effect of the random passenger destinations on the value of the round-trip time. It can even be extended to quantify the effect of elevator bunching on the value of the round-trip time and hence the loss in handling capacity due to the effects of elevator bunching. Examples will be coded in MATLAB and presented to illustrate the method and its results.

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