The Round Trip Time Simulation: Monte Carlo Implementation and Consistency with Other Techniques

Matthew Appleby and Richard Peters

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Currently, the two main paradigms of lift traffic analysis applied by the lift industry are Round Trip Time (RTT) calculations and dispatcher-based simulations. General Analysis (GA) RTT allows classical uppeak RTT to be extended to account for complex scenarios such as mixed traffic patterns. Now, Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) will allow GA RTT to be extended to account for even more complex scenarios such as destination control. MCS sits in between the calculation and simulation paradigms; individual round trips are simulated, and the process is repeated many times to determine standard parameters including average number of stops, capacity factors and round trip time. In this paper, the authors discuss the implementation of MCS within lift traffic analysis software and demonstrate its consistency with classical RTT, GA RTT and full dispatcher-based simulation. The implementation allows MCS to fit within current design methodologies used in lift traffic analysis.

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