Research of Real Time Video Monitoring and Remote Control System of Escalators

Yantai Luo

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

An escalator is a safe related, heavy-duty special equipment. It is a big challenge for escalator manufacturers to detect a dangerous state or the behaviour of passengers on an escalator by using real-time video monitoring thereby helping the administrators in a security monitoring room to control the escalator remotely at the emergent moment. This hasn’t been solved effectively since the escalator was invented 120 years ago. This paper presents some practical methods to overcome the difficulties, which includes following two aspects: 1) Detect a dangerous state or the behaviour of passengers, such as accidental falling down, walking in the reversal direction, based on real-time video analysis. To improve the accuracy of detection, this article introduces the method of real-time video analysis which combines optical flow algorithm and image deep learning algorithm. 2) Based on functional safety technology, use only one emergency stop button in the security monitoring room to control any of the escalators on which the dangerous state or behaviour of passengers is detected remotely. The actual run of the system in metro stations demonstrates it can detect a dangerous state or the behaviour of passengers accurately and stably and administrators in security monitoring room can stop the escalator in a safer and more convenient manner. The application result shows that the proposed system has a significant value in lift industry.

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