A MATLAB/Simulink Based Journey-Based Lift Energy Consumption Model

Lutfi Al-Sharif and Mohammad Al-Ahdab

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

A number of different approaches have been used in order to calculate the energy consumption of lifts. Such approaches have ranged from simple rules of thumb, to lookup tables, more detailed equation-based models and simulation-based models. This paper presents an approach based on the use of MATLAB/Simulink to model the various components used in a lift in order to calculate the power drawn during the lift journey as well as the total energy consumption. The model comprises a number of modular blocks, such as the variable speed drive, the induction motor, the gearbox, the ropes, the lift car, the counterweight as well as the passenger load. The main advantage of this model is that it models the energy accurately based on the mechanical and electrical design of the system, as well as the kinematic parameters Moreover, the model is open source, transparent and intuitive (as it is based on the dragging and dropping of modules). The model offers a platform for any lift system designer to calculate the energy consumption of the system based on the electrical and mechanical components of the system.

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