The IoT mirror for lift cars

Fabio Liberali and Alessandro Cremaschi

Wednesday 18th September 2019

We present here “Gateway”, IoT (Internet of Things) technology applied to glass mirrors in lift cars (Italian Patent No. 102017000031537 – 22 March 2017; European patent pending). It transforms common lift car mirrors into interactive touch-screen displays (managed remotely via internet). Unlike traditional lift car video screens, the system has many different purposes: • touch-screen interactive display; • digital signage and communication; • emergency connection to 24-hour servicing (through an additional micro camera); • maintenance support (direct video/audio connection between HQ and maintenance personnel on site). The system is extremely light and thin, with no impact on lift car weight and space. The whole system is a tailor-made product that can be easily adapted to all situations (new cars and modernisation).

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