Polish Lift Industry Education & Training

Tadeusz Popielas

Wednesday 18th September 2019

The Polish Association of Lift Manufacturers (PALM) has been running a staff education program for the lift industry since 2004. This was due to a shortage of employees for the installation and maintenance of lifts. This deficit widened after Poland's accession to the European Union and the rapid outflow of specialists from the Polish market to EU countries. PALM decided to conduct staff education in the public education system in Poland at the level of secondary technical school (technical school). PALM runs this program in a situation of continuous educational reform, especially vocational education. The reform began in 2000 and continues to the present, which makes the program very difficult. In addition, in the initial period PALM taught a profession that did not exist in the list of professions of the Ministry of National Education, so PALM had to create this profession and then enter it into this list.

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